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Ground Review – Congleton Town, Booth Street

Accessibility – 2/5Congleton 3

Appearance – 5/5

Facilities – 4/5

Parking – 1/5

Refreshments – 3/5

Total: 15/25

Hidden away in a housing estate in Congleton you will find Booth Street, they have done their best to surround the ground with houses but you can just catch a glimpse of it if you look hard enough.

The cricket ground of Congleton CC is easier to see, and if you find that then you’ve found Booth Street, which is just a few yards down the road.

There is no use looking for a car park however, as they do not have one, the best you can do is park up on the roadside of the housing estate. Congleton have escaped getting a 0/5 for parking as there is actually a lot of space to park, but it is certainly not ideal.

Despite what may not be the best start to a visit to Booth Street, when you get in the ground, all will be forgotten.

This is one of the better looking grounds in the North West Counties League, with all four sides providing something different.

After paying an adult price of £5, you emerge from the turnstile by a corner flag; behind the goal on the left is a covered standing area, with netting above to stop any balls flying out of the ground. Down the touchline to the right are two stands (shown below), one is a good sized all-seater that must hold around 200-250, and the other is another small covered standing area.

Congleton 1

On the opposite touchline is a third, fairly modern looking covered stand. This has around four or five steps and sits on the halfway line, in between the two dugouts.

Behind the far goal is a sizeable grass bank, something that always adds a bit of character to a ground. It is fairly steep though, and fans face a struggle to climb to the top where it flattens out, but the struggle is worth it as it provides a great view.

Congleton 4

Congleton, nicknamed the Bears, also have their ‘Bears Den’ club. This is a modern-looking club, not the biggest in the league but still boasts a bar, television and hot food being served, although I believe this was only for the match sponsors.

For the rest of the fans there is a tea hut outside with the usual items on sale – pies, chips, tea, coffee etc. good quality food but with a wait of around 30 minutes for a pie to cook in the oven, they lose a couple of marks here.

From a visual point of view, Booth Street is one of the nicest and most interesting looking grounds in this league. The only thing that lets it down is the parking and the difficulty that some may have to find it, but it would definitely be one that you would look forward to visiting again.