Ground Review – Runcorn Town, Pavilions

Accessibility – 4/5Runcorn Town 1

Appearance – 3/5

Facilities – 2/5

Parking – 4/5

Refreshments – 2/5

Total: 15/25

Located in the middle of an industrial park in Runcorn, you will find the Pavilions Sports Club. It has a large clubhouse, bowls greens, football pitches and the home of Runcorn Town FC.

Pavilions is fairly easy to find, after exiting the A557 dual carriageway you only have to travel another 400 yards or so, make one left turn and the ground is signposted clearly.

The sports club itself has a large car park which is enough to accommodate the cars for a normal game, though they may struggle with the big crowds. When other events are on at Pavilions there is a tendency for it to become overcrowded too, but there are a lot worse car parks in the NWCFL.

You enter the ground itself through a small wooden hut in which two turnstiles are located. After paying a regular adult price of £5 you emerge behind the goal but about five feet below the pitch.

Following a climb up the steps to pitch level you will notice that the main points of interest of this ground are down both touchlines. There is little space behind both goals, with only a small walkway at both ends of the ground.

Looking to the left from the turnstile there are two stands – a small covered standing area and then a decent-sized seating stand that, at a guess, holds between 150 and 200.

Runcorn Town 4

Down the right touchline are another two covered standing areas, one right behind the dugouts with a single step for people to stand on, and a smaller one a bit further down that is similar to the one on the opposite touchline.

Also down the right touchline is the big blue clubhouse, but with the changing rooms also in this building, the clubhouse itself is not as big as you would think (with only four or five tables) and on the bigger games I imagine this is a nightmare to get through.

Runcorn Town 2

The tea hut is also inside here but this only seems to have burgers, chocolate bars, fizzy drinks or tea. The lack of pies and chips I’m sure will be extremely disappointing to a lot of fans!

Pavilions is only a small place, there is not much space around the ground and they would really struggle with a large crowd, but for the level they are at now it does the job.

They have done well to rise up the leagues quickly, just a few years ago they were in the West Cheshire League so they have had to make fast changes to the ground, and it is noticeable. An interesting ground, but the facilities do lack something, if they continue their rapid rise up the football ladder then the ground will need a lot of work.


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