Ground Review – Stone Dominoes, Wellbeing Park

Accessibility – 4/5Stone Dominoes 2

Appearance – 4/5

Facilities – 4/5

Parking – 5/5

Refreshments – 4/5

Total: 21/25

Stone Dominoes are the most southerly club in the North West Counties Premier Division, but the distance you may have to travel is worth it to visit a very pleasant little ground.

Wellbeing Park is not based in the town of Stone itself, but in the nearby village of Yarnfield. It’s a very nice area and an enjoyable drive down through the country roads and villages after exiting the M6 at junction 15.

The ground is simple enough to find, located on a main road and easy to spot with it being in the country and not hidden in a housing estate like other grounds.

Parking is good too, they have a large gravel-covered car park on location, which is probably one of the largest in the league.

After entering through the gate to the facility you are first greeted by the well-known Domino statues, four of which stand on the grass at about four feet tall.

There are also a couple of pitches, used for junior games and Stone Dominoes training, and a café to be seen before you enter Dominoes’ home itself.

The café is small with only around five or six tables, but it is of good standard. It’s a modern-looking place with a good selection of food and drinks available, and Sky Sports on the TV.

After travelling down a passageway next to the café you reach the turnstile to the ground where you pay an adult price of £5 to enter.

You emerge by a corner flag, to the right is the only stand in the ground – it runs down the entire touchline and is mostly standing, apart from a small seated area in the middle with approximately 50 seats.

Behind both goals are rows of shrubbery on a raised platform but no steps and only a small area to stand.

On the far touchline, where the dugouts are based, is a raised grassy knoll that runs from one corner flag to the other and stands at around six feet high.

Stone Dominoes 1

Stone have the lowest average attendance in the North West Counties Premier Division, but Wellbeing Park deserves more visitors. It’s a small ground but well kept and it a nice location. With Dominoes all but relegated now, it’s a ground that will be missed from the league next season.


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