Ground Review – Runcorn Linnets, Millbank Linnets Stadium

Accessibility – 5/5Linnets 2

Appearance – 2/5

Facilities – 4/5

Parking – 4/5

Refreshments – 4/5

Total: 19/25

With a ground that was opened as recently as 2010, you would expect it to be of good quality. Although, as with many of the newer grounds, the Millbank Linnets Stadium does lack that traditional, historic feel that many of the grounds around non-league have.

It is not near the centre of Runcorn itself, but located on the outskirts in area known worryingly as ‘Murdishaw.’ The ground is easy to find though, located less than 100m off an A533 roundabout and well signposted.

As you pull in you may worry at the size of a car park that looks to have a capacity of about 30 at most. But there is an opening that leads you through to the field behind the ground, it may be muddy but they could cater for as many cars as possible here.

You can stop off in the Halton Arms pub next to the ground for a quick pint, or enter straight away for a North West Counties regular price of £5 for an adult.

The ground gives you the feeling that they found a pitch on a field and decided to build a fence around it. Technically that is what has happened, but Linnets have to be commended for building themselves a new home after spending their first four seasons playing at Witton Albion’s Wincham Park.

There are two stands with a distinctly ‘flat pack’ look about them, an all-seated stand located on the half-way line, and a small terrace behind the goal closest to the clubhouse.

Linnets 1

A footpath and a metal bar at optimum leaning height surround the pitch, with a few advertising boards dotted around too. A corrugated fence runs around the whole area, but at a height of about six or seven foot, it is a regular occurance to see balls fly over in to the field that surrounds the stadium.

The clubhouse is usually packed before the game and at half-time, with Linnets boasting the best average attendance in the league. With drinks on offer inside and a good selection of food too, it’s a place that will keep fans happy.

Overall, the Millbank Linnets Stadium is bereft of character but that is something you cannot build in a day, that will come as Linnets continue to play there over the years. The club have plans to build a new roof over the fence, creating what would be like a new small stand which will help. It is a clean, smart looking little ground, nothing spectacular but seeing as the club are less than a decade old, they have done brilliantly to even have their own home.


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